Honors Program

The Honors Program at Ohio Christian University is planned to prepare students for graduate studies. The honors program enhances the undergraduate educational experience of students who have demonstrated high academic proficiency throughout high school or through their first year of college. The program consists of learning activities and curriculum that engages students in advanced levels of research that challenge them to explore new ideas and concepts. It provides an avenue for students to develop communication and writing skills, develop critical thinking skills, and improve their ability to integrate faith and learning in their professional field. The curriculum and activities are interrelated in nature and encourages conversation between liberal art classes, the Bible, and the student's professional field.

All students graduating from the University's Honors Program must complete 10-14 hours of honors course work. Honors graduates are recognized at graduation and receive a special certificate and honors medallion. Completion of the Honors Program is also noted on transcripts.

The Honors Program consists of four basic areas:

  • Honors General Education classes
  • Honors Bible classes
  • Honors Professional Field classes
  • Senior Honors Proposal and Project

Effort is made to assure there is no or at least minimal additional financial obligation required of students in the program. When participation in the program puts the student in tuition overload, the additional fee for overload hours for honors classes is waived. The cost for the senior project is underwritten by the program including materials, copying and binding of the project, or other associated costs.