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AS in Information Technology

Associate of Science

OCU’s Information Technology program prepares students for a career in the information technology field. The AS in Information Technology integrates information technology with business.

The AS in Information Technology provides students the opportunity to develop an understanding of the basic elements of information systems.

Program Objectives: 

Upon graduating from the AS program, students should be able to:

  • Identify technical concepts and practices in information technology.
  • Examine the use of project planning in working with information technology.
  • Apply appropriate use of information technology.
  • Integrate Christian principles in critical thinking and decision-making.

Required Courses

  • PS1000 College Success Skills
  • IT2000 Computer and Networking Essentials I
  • EN1000 English Composition I
  • EN2010 English Composition II
  • GB1000 Bible Study Methods
  • SO1000 Worldviews*
  • NT2000 New Testament Survey
  • OT1000 Old Testament Survey
  • MG1000 Introduction to Management
  • AC2020 Accounting I
  • MG1070 Microeconomics
  • SI2010 Earth Science
  • MAXX Pre-calculus**
  • MA2XXX Discrete Mathematics**
  • IT2XXX Computer and Networking Essentials II
  • IT2XXX Operating Systems
  • IT2XXX Database System
  • SP2000 Oral Communication
  • IT2XXX Programming I
  • IT2800  IT Capstone

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