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Data Analytics

Bachelor of Science

OCU’s Data Analytics program prepares students for a career in data analytics within the information technology area. Through this program students define challenges in providing useful data acquired from multiple sources. How cross-organizational problems are resolved through the use of analytics is addressed.

Program Objectives: 

Upon graduating from the BS program, students should be able to:

  • Identify the various analyses available from different data sets.
  • Communicate various aspects of analysis to IT and non-IT stakeholders.
  • Evaluate ethical issues in data analysis.
  • Integrate Christian principles in critical thinking and decision-making.
  • Apply management principles to work with people and processes within an organization.

Required Courses

  • RS3000 Research and Professional Development
  • CM3000 Christian Excellence/Theology
  • PH3000 Transformed Worldview
  • MG4030 Macroeconomics
  • AC4010 Accounting II
  • MG3050 Business Law
  • MG3040 Business Information Systems
  • MA3XXX Statistics**
  • IT3XXX Human Factors in Information Technology
  • IT3XXX Database Systems II        
  • IT3XXX Data Analytics I
  • IT3XXX Information Security & Network Security
  • IT4XXX Information Technology Project Management
  • IT4XXX System Analysis & Design
  • IT4XXX Programming II
  • IT4XXX Cyber law & Ethics
  • IT4XXX SQL for Data Management
  • IT4XXX Data Analytics II
  • T4XXX IT Application, Acquisition, & Implementation
  • IT4810 Data Analytics Capstone

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