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Teacher Education

Welcome, and thank you so much for considering a degree in Teacher Education from Ohio Christian University.

The goal of Ohio Christian University's Teacher Education Program is to graduate competent, caring and qualified teachers. It is designed to prepare teachers with a constructivist philosophy of education and a Christian world view, integrating general, professional and Biblical knowledge. OCU's Teacher Education program is accredited by Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC).

Dr. Valerie Jones
Religion Department Chair
Professor of Teacher Education

Program Objectives

  • Demonstrate a strong Christian world view.
  • Demonstrate appropriate professional characteristics as well as being life-long learners by setting professional goals and continually reflecting on and evaluating their teaching.
  • Demonstrate a broad base knowledge in general core education subjects and extensive knowledge in their curricular area.
  • Value a holistic approach in dealing with learners by engaging in a wide range of teaching techniques and assessment practices, promoting learners' construction of understanding and higher order thinking.
  • Develop relevant learning for pupils of varied educational, cultural, economic, and language backgrounds.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use technology for their own learning and integrate available technology in their teaching to enhance student learning. 

Upon completion of the program and the satisfaction of all program requirements, students will be recommended to the Ohio Department of Education for initial licensure. 

Student outcome reports are available via: Title II Teacher Preparation Report which summarizes the programmatic data for the Teacher Education program of OCU.

For specific information about this program, contact Valerie Jones, chair of the Teacher Education Department. If you are interested in studying this program, request information from our admissions office.


Available Programs

Circleville Ohio Campus  •  4 Year Program  •  Bachelor of Science  •  Undergraduate
Circleville Ohio Campus  •  4 Year Program  •  Bachelor of Science  •  Undergraduate
Circleville Ohio Campus  •  4 Year Program  •  Bachelor of Science  •  Undergraduate
Circleville Ohio Campus  •  2 Year Program  •  Associate of Science  •  Undergraduate

The Associate of Science Degree in Early Childhood Development requires a minimum of 62 semester hours distributed through the curriculum.

The goal of Ohio Christian University’s Early Childhood Development program, leading to an Associate of Science degree, is to graduate competent, caring, and qualified teachers for public and private childcare settings. The program integrates a Christian worldview and constructivist philosophy of education. For those who desire to work with young children to an extent beyond babysitting, and yet do not desire a four-year teacher education degree, this program is an excellent alternative.

In the event that a four-year degree is eventually sought, OCU’s Early Childhood Development program can be applied to an OCU teacher education degree.



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