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A Student Ministry of Ohio Christian University

Hailing from one of the fastest-growing universities in the nation comes Ablaze, a traveling music ministry group from Ohio Christian University. Their distinctive sound resonates in the hearts of those who listen, as they blend the foundations of contemporary worship with genuine, timeless lyrics. Their masterful vocals and instrumental arrangements are only surpassed by their sincere desire to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Reaching thousands each year, Ablaze is committed to fulfilling their role in the Great Commission. 

This student group ministers in churches, schools, youth events, concerts, retreats, and youth/family camps throughout the Midwest and Eastern United States. If you would like to have Ablaze at your church or event, please fill out the Ministry Team Request form or contact Tricia Lucas at (740) 477-7708 or


Feb. 12 – Southside Church of the Nazarene, Indianapolis, IN

Feb. 19 – University Chorale - Lighthouse Ministries, Columbus, OH

Feb. 24 – OCU Preview Day, Chapel

Feb. 26 – Troy Church of the Nazarene, Troy, OH

Mar. 2-5 – University Chorale – Miller Evangelical CCCU, Brooklyn, NY

Mar. 19 – Winchester CCCU, Winchester, OH 

Mar. 24 – OCU Preview Day, Chapel

Mar. 26 – Highpoint CCCU, Flemingsburg, KY

Apr. 21 – OCU Preview Day, Chapel

Apr. 29 – CCCU Missions Banquet, Crossroads CCCU, Circleville, OH