State Funded

State Funded Students

State Funding is available to all Ohio students. However, the availability of State Funding differs depending on whether a student attends a Public School or Private/ Home School. Public School students receive unlimited funding as long as they submit an Intent to Participate form to the Ohio Department of Education by April 1st, attend the College Credit Plus Informational Meeting at their high school and receive approval from their School Counselor. Public school students can receive the Intent to Participate form from their School Counselor.

Private and Home School students can receive limited funding if they apply for it. The process for Private/Home School students is slightly more extensive. Private and Home School students have to submit the Intent to Participate Form by April 1st as well but they also have to create a SAFE Account through the Ohio Department of Education and submit an Acceptance letter from the University along with a Funding Application. Students then receive a letter via their SAFE Account explaining whether their application was approved and how many credits the state will fund for the upcoming school year. The student is then responsible to submit their Award Letter to the University in order for their courses to be funded by the state. Intent to Participate Forms, information regarding creating SAFE Accounts and submitted the Funding Application and more information regarding state funding can be found at