Congressman Stivers Visits New Economic Innovation Development Center

Congressional representative Steve Stivers visited OCU on Thursday afternoon to look at the progress of the new Economic Innovation Development Center. He was very pleased with the headway being made and with the new vision and opportunities it will bring to Pickaway County. Congressman Stivers has a passion for growing small business and entrepreneurship.

Circleville Mayor, Don McIlroy and Congressman Stivers discussed the future of the small business opportunities for Pickaway County and the surrounding areas that will be provided by the innovation center set to open in Fall of 2017.

The Southern Gateway Economic Innovation Development Center is being developed as a public and private partnership to help attract new businesses and workforce opportunities to the tri-county region. It will link education in Pickaway, Ross, and Fayette counties, providing a seamless system of expertise and learning that will prepare the community for success in the local economy.


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