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Friends of OCU, Refer a New Student for a $1000 Scholarship!

Through OCU's Kingdom Builders Society, pastors and OCU alumni, staff or faculty can refer a new student to OCU's Residential Undergraduate Program. The new student will automatically receive a $1000 scholarship if he or she decides to attend OCU!

Refer A Student Today!

Do you know someone that might be interested in attending OCU's Residential Undergraduate Program this semester? Classes begin on January 11th, but students can enroll through January 20th.

Do you know a high school senior? This is the perfect time to refer someone for the fall semester as seniors will begin making their college decisions over the next few months.

Use the above link to refer a student today and help raise up the next generation of Christian leadership!

The Kingdom Builders Scholarships are only available to new applicants to the Residential Undergraduate Program.