OCU Alumna Leads Songwriting Cohort

Once a month you can find OCU graduate Amanda Blankenship (BA 2005) and a group of friends in the Conley Ministry Center at OCU, singing songs we’re pretty sure you’ve never heard before. That’s because these lyrics and melodies were written moments ago. These friends are working together to craft a new song for the church to sing.


Songwriting is no hobby for Amanda. It is her life.  God called her to fulltime songwriting ministry a year ago. She accepted that call and has not looked back.


Amanda talks about the past year:


It has been a true test of my faith…When God revealed my purpose it was quite clear. I was sitting at a piano in a studio getting ready to record. A peaceful presence came over the room and I heard God say to my spirit, “This [Writing songs]  is what you are supposed to do.” It was a great moment and I’ll never forget it. But what did it mean? How was I supposed to do it?


There wasn’t really a songwriting position open at my church. I was hired to be Communications Director, Youth Worship Pastor, and Worship Assistant. But after that day in the studio, God continued to push me toward the calling. Eventually I had narrow my focus to this one thing.


Becoming Front Line Worship’s Songwriting Pastor has been a great challenge. I worried about finances and how others would perceive my decision.  But ultimately, I obeyed Gods leading, quit my job and started working exclusively on songwriting.


What an incredible journey! I have termed this year, A Walk in the Dark. God gave me a direction to walk in and I’m walking. The greatest thing I’ve learned about walking in the dark is that everything is a surprise, sometimes good and sometimes bad. Building a new ministry is hard work, but we’ve had God’s blessing and passed important milestones. This past year we released our first album, built our songwriting ministry, networked, and made partnerships with other songwriting groups. A very special opportunity has been our partnership with Integrity Music for Heritage Nazarene’s Tragedy into Triumph songwriting contest.


I have truly found my purpose. I’m confident in God’s plan, even though I am walking in the dark.


This year I’ve come to believe with even more assurance that songwriting is important for the life of the church. It is sharing the heart of God. It is putting words for worship into the mouths of God’s people. Its purpose is to encourage and challenge the church, and to point a lost world to their Savior.


If you agree, I would love to get to know you, introduce you to our songwriting team and help you on your journey.


Currently, Amanda is Front Line Worship’s Songwriting pastor at Heritage Nazarene church here in Circleville. You can reach her at ablankenship@heritagenaz.org or 740-601-3962. To learn more about Front Line Worship, find us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. You can find FrontLine’s latest album, Prepare the Way, on iTunes and Google Play

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