Nick Enix with Prof. Jim Smith at Graduation

OCU Graduate Profile: Nick Enix is Shooting for the Stars

Class of 2016 graduate Nick Enix is accustomed to reaching high in advancing his professional goals.  As a Chemical Dependency major, Nick was blessed to gain employment with the Pickaway Area Recovery Services (PARS) in Circleville during his junior year.  Today he continues there as a licensed Substance Abuse Counselor.

Due to his excellent OCU preparation, Nick was selected over competitors for his position.  Completing his bachelor degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling in just three-and-one-half years enabled him to pass the State of Ohio’s licensing test quickly and dive headfirst into counseling.

Upon his hiring, Nick began counseling immediately, remembering all he had learned during his OCU years and performing effectively day after day.  While individual counseling with 20-25 patients per week and being primary facilitator of the men’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and secondary facilitator for the women’s IOP, Nick must maintain intense focus for long periods. Being well-educated for this challenge made transition into full-time counseling much easier.

Nick is ecstatic about his professional training: “Ohio Christian University is the best place to prepare me for this job,” he explains, attributing his success to the encouragement of Professor Jim Smith.

“Dr. Smith’s chemical dependency counseling program is incredible. He teaches with a focus on developing counseling skills beyond book knowledge—through real-life examples that prepare us for what to expect.”

Nick opines that “In the way OCU’s Psychology program enables learning from sit-downs with Professors Decker, Olson, and Smith, to showing respect and Christian love, I learned more about counseling than I could have at any other university.  OCU’s professors are among the most caring individuals I’ve ever met.”

Nick’s determination, passion, and perseverance in and out of class paid off in landing this productive and enjoyable job.  Entering his second year at PARS, Nick exemplifies the result of working hard and having a ‘shooting for the stars’ ambition.  After all, serving others with compassion and Jesus’ love is how to live a Christian life.

“Sure,” Nick remarks, “this work may be hard and frightful at times.  You just need to remember counseling is tough because you are exposed to heartbreaking situations.  You need a thick skin and a soft heart.  You need to love people and know they ultimately make their own decisions.  All you can do is try to make a positive difference.”

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