New IT Degrees to Equip Students for Fastest Growing Market

With an eye to uniting a Christian education with skills needed for the technology-driven job market, Ohio Christian University (OCU) now offers three new degrees in its College of Adult and Graduate Studies (AGS). The new degrees are an Associate Degree in IT, a Bachelor of Science in IT, and a Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics.

Computer and information technology jobs are the fastest growing occupation in the nation, projected to grow twelve percent through 2024, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, adding 488,500 new jobs to an industry already 3.9 million jobs strong as of 2014.

Ryan Burgess, Director of the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation, recently challenged Ohio to strengthen efforts “to continuously prepare and retrain Ohioans for the technology-intensive jobs of today and tomorrow.” Stressing the importance of keeping up with the “speed of business and innovation,” Burgess coined the phrase “a culture of continuous learning” to describe the need for today’s workforce to acquire and keep acquiring skills that enable adapting to evolving needs of today’s job market.

With this need in mind, OCU established its two-year IT associate degree to teach students basic elements of information systems, combining that technology with business, while they learn to think critically and make decisions from a Christian worldview. The four-year IT degree adds to those skills the ability to plan, put into action, and support information systems.

Examples of jobs available with degrees in IT include web and software development, network and computer systems administration, and computer operations technical support, with pay ranging from $50,000 to $90,000.


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Web development involves designing and creating websites and handling website speed and traffic. Entry-level jobs require an Associate’s degree in IT. Software development involves creating applications that enable people to perform tasks on computers or mobile devices. Languages in demand are SQL, Java, Python, JavaScript, and C++. Work may include creating IT systems. Network and systems administration involves handling daily operation of organizations’ networked computer systems. Programmers who write code and network architects who design and build data communication networks need a Bachelor of Science degree in IT. 

A Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics is a specialized degree. Its focus on math, logic skills, and communication prepares students to be data analysts. Data analysts collect data, organize, and analyze it, then glean and communicate discovered insights to their organizations.

Allison Stadd in “Data Analysts: What You’ll Make and Where You’ll Make It” calls data the “new frontier of the 21st century, ripe for exploration.” She explains organizations receive enormous amounts of data concerning customer use of products and services, but such valuable data, without someone to collect, organize, and interpret it, remains unused. Hence, the need and increasing demand for data analysts is evident.

Less competition for data analysts exists because practitioners must enjoy and have talent for working with numbers. Redberry Sky, a blogger who was a government data analyst and manager, found it very satisfying to piece together and analyze data until it gives the most accurate picture of the “real world.” He found also the pay is well above average, and analysts are well-positioned to move into programming and management.

In providing these new degrees, OCU is responding to the call to unite “businesses and educators to prepare all Ohioans” for success in a changing workforce. “We embarked on these programs because of high current and future need for such expertise in central Ohio and Atlanta, where the university has site locations,” explains Bradford Sample, Vice President of Ohio Christian University, School of Adult and Graduate Studies.

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