Student Amber Ginter

Student Profile: Amber Ginter on “What No One Tells You About Coming to OCU”

As a senior, I often hear excited, uncertain freshmen asking: "Excuse me, do you know where Room CE201 is?”, "Have you ever had Professor X?", "Is she as intimidating as everyone says?", "How do I know what to major in?", "Why doesn't this guy who seems perfect for me text me back?" My answers, respectively, are:  “Yes, yes, and yes. But, she's awesome. Don't worry. You will figure it out. I am not one to give ‘guy advice’, but maybe God is telling you he isn't ‘the one’?”

Such questions go on and on. One thing remains: No matter what your class at the start of a new school year, college can be scary!  If you handle it appropriately, your year can be one of the most exciting, fun, and life-changing experiences ever. Here are three things no one tells you about coming to OCU but probably should:

1) OCU isn't like other Christian colleges:  Friends here tell me they attended other Christian colleges.  When I ask about their experiences there and if they added to their faith and growth, they go silent. "OCU requires you to go to Chapel and get spiritual formation credits?" they ask. "You graduate with a Biblical studies degree from all of the required religion credits? That's crazy! My college didn't require that, but it was still a good school," they conclude. Those schools may have been good. What sets OCU apart is the foundation it instills through vigorous coursework, a Godly core, and overall physical, mental, social, and spiritual strengthening and growth. Take time to appreciate these values and realize, though OCU isn't like other colleges, it exemplifies what Christian colleges should be.

2) OCU will take you out of your ‘comfort zone’:  That's okay. When I first started at OCU as a nervous freshman, I was reserved and somewhat uninvolved. As a commuter, I went to classes and drove right home without getting involved in anything or anyone, including new friends. My school experiences were minimal. My growth stagnated in many dimensions. But, God works in mysterious ways. Once I became open to changes He was making in my life, I realized living in my comfort zone brought sorrow. Yet, living outside of the bubble brought more joy than I knew possible. Finally, learning to participate in school activities, make friends, and stretch myself transformed me in ways I see in myself and as others witness through me. I'm no longer reserved and uninvolved. Don't be surprised if you see me all over campus—it's is an example of how God can move in your life here, if you allow Him.

3) Your OCU professors, advisor's, and staff become some of the best friends that you will ever meet:  Before I started here, my high school teachers told me professors would never care about me personally whether I did good work or not. Their indifference would foster independence because no one cares for you if you don't care for yourself. The first part of that statement couldn't be farther from the truth! Yes, you need to foster looking out for yourself. Yes, you have to care about your responsibilities. However, unlike other colleges, staff and professors you meet at OCU do care.  They do want what is best for you. Get this: they care about your social life as much as your academic life.  I consider many of them good friends, talk to them outside of class, and know for a fact that they care about my education as much, if not more, than I do. That's special to say about a Christian university and about college in general. It is my prayer for each of you that you let them be there for you too.

What no one tells you about coming to OCU? It's worth so much more than what you pay for tuition, housing, and food. It’s a priceless experience that will impact your life for the Kingdom of God in more ways than you can ever count.

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