Rebecca Oyer Singing at The Grove

Student Profile: Rebecca Oyer Discovers How 'Everything Matters' from Capstone Internship

Rebecca Oyer, an OCU senior completing a double major in Worship Leadership and Music Education, is a talented vocalist, who spent May of 2017 on her capstone internship serving at The Grove Level Baptist Church in Maysville, GA.  While there she learned first-hand what is entailed in supporting and leading an over 200-year-old church’s worship program.

Working fifty or more hours a week, Rebecca had hands-on opportunities to observe and assist Lecia Appling, head worship leader, and Jeff Appling, head pastor, in providing diverse services to the congregation, including planning and leading services, performance, stage design, and assisting in the tech booth.

Rebecca’s capstone internship required that she maintain a journal and submit reports weekly as well as a final summary report on her learning experiences.  A key element of her internship was to plan and conduct a worship service—The Grove’s Memorial Day Service—during her final week.  She prepared a contemporary emergent-style program, focusing on the significance of the willingness of service men and women to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country and fellow citizens. 

During the service, toy soldiers were distributed as remembrance tokens to encourage the congregation to pray for the men, women, and families of our service men.  Carefully choosing the most appropriate songs and hymns, she selected five vocalists and five instrumentalists from the church’s 30-member worship team.  The worship band’s instruments consist of a drum set, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synthesizer, and keyboard.  Rebecca coordinated her program closely with Pastor Appling’s requirement to coordinate the songs and music with his sermon.  The Memorial Day Service was held in The Grove’s Corporate Worship Center where 400 congregants came to the front and prayed together at the service’s end.

Rebecca learned many insightful and rewarding concepts in her time with The Grove's church administration. She experienced the emphasis on overflowing in your spiritual life in order to overflow and impact lives of congregants in churches in which one may be serving, as well as impact everyone else one meets for the sake of the Kingdom of God.  Working with Mrs. Appling gave Rebecca unique insights into conducting worship as a leader who doesn’t simply stand on stage but constantly directs people to Jesus not only through singing, but also though 'having a heart for touching others'—demonstrating empathy and compassion.

“My biggest, most profound takeaway was learning that absolutely everything matters.  The smallest detail can and does have significance for someone.  Don’t pass off care of the little things.”  For Rebecca, this lesson underscores the importance of adhering to a detail-oriented philosophy of worship leadership.  This internship reinforced Rebecca's determination to become a worship leader and pastor who never forgets the responsibility God is placing on her through this calling.  Rebecca has never felt more at home in her spirit and calling to lead worship than at The Grove. 


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