Tyler Forney Leading SOS Project

Student Profile: Tyler Forney Is Learning Service over Self

Building safer houses, constructing new roofs, and laboring in Tennessee’s hot summer sun isn’t routine for OCU Junior Tyler Forney. What is routine is witnessing about Jesus, having a heart for Youth Ministry, and placing others' needs above his for the glory of God.

Choosing to spend his summer with Service Over Self (SOS) in Memphis, Tyler, along with 40 other young adults, spread the Good News to middle and high school students and learned to be an SOS team leader.

An avid OCU community member, Tyler appears happy-go-lucky, working for SAC, serving as a hall chaplain, and walking freshman through acclimation to campus life.  What many may not know is Tyler is learning the calling God placed on him.

When asked why he spent the summer serving, Tyler explains, “I’ve always loved Memphis. Honestly, I felt God was calling me to set this summer aside.  He wanted me to take action to serve Him.”

“What I’ve learned about SOS is its dedication to leadership development. It helped me become a leader, build relationships with new SOS campers week after week, and take charge of construction projects. God is working in my life.”

Tyler feels God is pushing him to gain more skills, serve modestly, lead faithfully, and live joyfully. Two years at OCU prepared him for his SOS adventure.  “I just love the community that SOS builds by empowering people to be constructive.  It is about making an impact and being a light for others.  This summer changed me.  I see new ways I want to grow.” 

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