BA in Accounting Finance

Bachelor of Arts

The Accounting & Finance Program is designed to prepare students to serve in society and the church with the principle that "our work is worship." The Accounting & Finance Program combines the disciplines of accounting and finance for a more rounded education than either discipline alone would provide. The purpose is to give students the knowledge to analyze the financial condition of organizations (private and public) through their accounting reports and financial data. The Accounting & Finance students will obtain the knowledge of the major capital markets and their investment vehicles. The Accounting & Finance program will culminate with an internship or a practicum that provides the student an opportunity to apply management principles and skills learned through their major.


Upon completion of this program, the student should be able to:

  • Integrate a Christian worldview into critical thinking and decision making related to the field of business.
  • Demonstrate management concepts in an existing business.
  • Evaluate a business idea and develop a business plan.
  • Analyze business operations and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Evaluate financial condition and statements of a business and propose courses of action.
  • Demonstrate the application of fundamental and technical accounting and finance concepts.
  • Apply management principles to manage people and processes within an organization.




RELIGION - 18 Credits




MAJOR - 54 Credits

Students must complete three of these.
Students must complete eight of these.
Students must complete six of these.

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