BA in Psychology

Bachelor of Arts

The Psychology program is designed to guide the discovery of the student’s unique giftedness as it relates to his/her vocational call. While providing a foundational grasp of human behavior and mental processes, special attention will be given to how faith and theory translates into application as students consider graduate school options, entry level employment or ministry in related areas. Each course in the curriculum is intended to scaffold (build, construct) the learning experience toward a capstone in­ternship that will measure the ability of the student to apply concepts in a professional environment. Options open to graduates include the following:

  • Apprenticeships/entry level work (i.e., juvenile court/corrections, half-way house groups, social services, shelter for abused groups, treatment and counseling centers, other human services settings, etc.)
  • Graduate work at the seminary level
  • Graduate work at the University level

Additional education and supervised work may be required for certification and/or licensing, depending on state/institutional requirements.


Upon completion of this program, the student should be able to:

  • Articulate a basic understanding of the principles of human development and behavior.
  • Understand contemporary psychological theory.
  • Attain a basic knowledge of psychological research methodology.
  • Integrate the connection between the Bible and psycho­logical principle into a model applicable to the student’s professional context.

Students pursuing the degree in Psychology must also choose one of the following listed concentrations and complete all required courses in the chosen concentration:

  • General Psychology Concentration

  • Pre-Counseling Concentration

  • Research Concentration




Students must complete 8 hours via 3 of the following courses/categories: Fine Arts Elective, History or Government Elective, Literature Elective, Philosophy/Ethics Elective


RELIGION - 18 Credits



Students must complete nine (9) hours of General Electives to fulfill the requirements for this program.




Professional Development Series

Students are required to attend the following seminars:

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