Music Career Opportunities

Career opportunities from obtaining a Music Degree

Students graduating from our Music Education are certified to teach elementary, junior high, or high school vocal or instrumental music. Students graduating from the Worship Leadership programs are prepared to be a worship leader in a church.

  • Music Teacher (Elementary, Junior High, High School)
  • Worship Leadership


Interested in Worship Leadership? Consider our dual emphasis options.

This is what the church looks like! Some worship leaders serve full-time, but many are bi-vocational. They may fill two ministry roles in a full-time position, or work another job and serve the church part-time. These programs are offered to help students prepare for these more diverse settings. We offer dual majors in Worship Leadership and 
  • Christian MinistriesFor musicians whose sense of calling includes worship leadership and other pastoral roles.
  • Business: For musicians who anticipate a career in business and involvement in worship leadership.
  • PsychologyFor musicians who anticipate a career in psychology and involvement in worship leadership.

Also we have a BA program that allows you to combine a worship leadership major with one of the Minor or AA programs offered by OCU. Students may also choose to fill these hours with general electives (especially helpful for transfer students!), and we offer the Minor and AA programs you can add to your another degree.