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Moats Hall

2011-2012 Hall Staff:

  • Donald Glenn - ARD
  • Daniel Lovelace - RA

Bed Count: 24

Parking: Moats Hall has its own parking around the north, east, and west sides of the building.

Location: Moats Hall has an entryway directly off of State Route 22 and a secondary entrance off the main loop, adjacent to the Graham Administration Building. Moats Hall is located at the very front of campus south of Olson Field and west of the Graham Administration Building.

Programs and Activities: Moats Hall has several programs designed to educate and mentor upperclassmen as they begin focusing on their academic concentration. Along with this second tier co-curricular programming, Moats Hall, like the rest of men's Residence Halls, participates in several of the campus-wide Residence Life Activities to connect with incoming students and offer them support and accountability.