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York Hall

2011-2012 Hall Staff:

  • Max Ray - ARD
  • Matt Harshbarger - RA
  • Bryan Keaton - RA
  • Ean Hammond - RA
  • Ryan Rolland - Desk Worker

Bed Count: 79

Parking: York Hall has a row of parking spaces located along the west side of the building and three rows of spaces directly behind the hall in the Leadership Center West Lot.

Location: To get to York from either of the campus entrances, take the campus loop to the left. You will find York Hall past the baseball diamond and Welcome Center, between the Maxwell Library and Science and Logistics Center.

Programs and Activities: York Hall has several programs designed to enhance a student's first year college experience, and other activities to connect students with other resident students to create a community atmosphere. York Halls' staff also engages in different levels of co-curricular learning to empower students to continuing learning outside the classroom.