Undergraduate Business Internships

About the School of Business & Government internship program: The Business Internship Program is designed to give local employers and OCU’s top business students an opportunity to match real-world business experience with students’ interests and capabilities.

OCU business students are required to obtain a business internship during their junior or senior years with an emphasis on exposure to management principles. Students receive academic credit while obtaining hands-on-experience on how a business operates in today’s challenging economy. Depending on the business opportunity and the length of the engagement, students may be offered paid or unpaid internships since they receive academic credit for the experience.

In addition to business internships, OCU Business students may perform a limited number of no-cost small business consulting engagements under the supervision of the School of Business & Government professors in lieu of a business internship. Business students at OCU have a wide range of business disciplines under the new business program. They may now major in 7 business concentrations; Business Administration (accounting & finance), Business Management, Government and Public Service, International Business, Pre-Law Specialization, and Sport Management.

Employers who are willing to engage School of Business & Government students for a limited period in their business and expose them to the challenges of managing a business are asked to contact Dale Lear at 740-420-5940 or via email at dlear@ohiochristian.edu.