Traditional Undergraduate Program FAQs

Top 40 Questions About OCU

What is the student to faculty ratio?

Our student to faculty ratio is 10-to-1

What are your requirements for acceptance?

We require your completed application, High School transcript and ACT/SAT test score prior to acceptance. Our scholarships begin at either a 3.0 GPA, or a 19 on the ACT. Although scholarships are awarded primarily based on the student’s test score and GPA, each student will be evaluated for admission acceptance, holistically, considering other academic achievement and affiliations. 

What makes your school special?

OCU is unique due to our vibrant atmosphere, engaged professors, integration of faith and academics, and small class sizes. This atmosphere allows our students to experience classes where the professors, who have been successful in their fields, genuinely know you and care about your future, academic, and personal success! Come experience this transformative environment for yourself at one of our Preview Days

What is there to do in Circleville?

There are a number of shops and boutiques downtown that are fun to explore.  Circleville is also only 30 minutes from Columbus and there are also a number of State Parks within a very close radius for hiking, canoeing, and kayaking. Circleville also hosts the annual Pumpkin Show every fall which is a huge attraction for the whole state. In addition, there are also tons of events held on campus throughout the year for the students as well.

What is student life like?

Ohio Christian has a vibrant student life throughout campus. The Student Activity Council as well as each dorm hosts dozens of events every semester. Check out our Student Life page and follow @OCUadmissions on Instagram to see more!

Can I pick my roommate?

Absolutely! Students are able to choose their roommate by name or through a profile that contains their room preferences. If students do not pick someone by name they will be matched to someone who has similar room preferences. 

Where is Circleville?

Circleville is located 30 minutes south of Columbus and two hours north-east of Cincinnati. Circleville is also a Quarterfinalist in the America’s Best Communities Competition!

Do students apply to the school, or to a particular major?

For our Residential Undergraduate Program, students apply to the school. In the OCU Application, you can tell us the Major you want to study specifically.

When do students need to declare a major?

Our most popular major for incoming freshman is undeclared! Talking with your Advisor will help you decide as to what you are interested in and where you feel the Lord is leading you. Many students do not declare until their sophomore year.

Do you require an audition as part of the admissions process if you want to be a music major?

Yes, if you want to major in one of our Music degrees, you will need to audition with our Music Department in your instrument of concentration.  

Are internships required?

Yes, for many if not all of our majors, internships are built into the program in order for you to be well rounded and as prepared as possible for the workforce.

Is there support to help students find an internship?

Yes, your Advisor will help you with selecting and applying for internships. 

Do you offer mission trip opportunities?

OCU offers both domestic and international mission trip opportunities every semester. Recently, we've had groups go to Seattle, Mexico, Paraguay, Ghana and Argentina.

How accessible are professors? What are some examples of professor/student interactions outside of the classroom?

Whether it is inside or outside of the classroom, our professors invest in the lives of our students both educationally and most importantly spiritually! Students are not just a number. Our professors love to talk and interact with our students whether it’s playing volleyball or ultimate Frisbee, in the classroom or at their homes for a meal. It’s a wonderful thing to know that your life is being invested and always prayed for! 

How big are the largest classes? How small are the smallest classes? What is the average class size?

Freshman and general undergraduate classes will have some sections around 40-50 in class with a professor. When you reach your Junior and Senior year or upper-level classes you will see that dramatically decrease to around 10 or 15 to a professor and in some cases even 1 to 5. Our average class size is 10:1.

What are some examples of clubs and activities available to students?

There are many fun activities that you can be a part of! Whether they are run by our Student Activities Council, our dorms or intramural sports, there are many! Here are a few examples: powder puff football, ultimate frisbee, mario kart competition, volleyball, Christmas decorating in the dorms, backyard brawl football for the boys, and many more!

Do students attend sporting events?

Yes, our student section is called the Blue Crew! Come to a game and you will definitely hear them cheering! 

Is there a dress code? What is the dress code?

There is a dress code.  Modesty is a priority at OCU. Common clothing choices are jeans, flip flops and casual tops. However, students are not permitted to wear shorts in a class setting, leggings/yoga pants, and tank tops/cutoff shirts, etc. 

What is the male / female ratio?

Our campus student community is about 60% female and 40% male.

How are students assigned rooms / roommates?

First-time students are assigned to a room based on when they finished their application, turned in their tuition deposit, housing deposit, and housing contract. 

What conference does the school belong to?

OCU is NAIA Division II, and we are a part of The Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.

Are there any spiritual requirements?

Students are required to earn 28 Spiritual Formation credits per semester.  They can get those in a number of ways, such as going to chapel, joining a small group, participating in missions trips, or doing a number of other activities available on campus.

How many meals do you get a week?

The freshman meal plan includes 19 meals a week.  That gives students three meals every weekday, and two on the weekends. Once you complete your freshman year there are additional meal plan options to best fit you. 

What are your majors?

OCU has over 43 majors and 17 minors.  You can find a complete list on our website here.

How much does it cost to attend?

The cost of attendance for every student will be different based on what financial aid you qualify for.  To receive a billing estimate please turn in your application, test scores, transcripts, and FASFA. For more information, check out our Financial Aid page.

Can freshmen have cars on campus?

Yes, you just need to register the car.

Can everyone have cars on campus?

Yes, you just need to register the car.

Do you have to be big on religion and stuff?

Worshipping and glorifying Jesus is the reason we exist, so you have to be comfortable in a Christian setting.

Is Circleville a round city?

It was originally built as one, but has since lost that characteristic. 

What do your dorms look like and as you get older, can you move to different dorms?

The dorms are typically 2-person rooms with space for your mini-fridge, microwave, gaming system, etc. At the end of each year, every student is afforded a chance to switch rooms/dorms in order of seniority. 

Free laundry?

The laundry machines are free, just bring your detergent.  

How many buildings do we have on campus?

15. Check out our campus virtual tour.

Acceptance Requirements

Each student must turn in their completed application, High School transcripts, and ACT/SAT scores. Your information will be reviewed and you will be granted Regular, Provisional, or Probational Acceptance.

Do you have to pay for a parking pass?

Not currently.

Are there well known shopping stores near OCU and how far are they?

The city of Circleville offers Walmart, Kroger, Carnival, and Dollar stores for your grocery shopping. Other stores include Rue 21, Maurices, Shoe Show, Peebles, Volunteers of America thrift store, and Rural King. Chillicothe, Lancaster, and Columbus are only a short drive and also provide additional options with areas like Easton Shopping Center, Polaris Mall, etc. 

What do you mean when you describe yourself as a “Christian” university?

Ohio Christian University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and affiliated the Association of Biblical Higher Education and Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. We incorporate Christian values and ideas in everything we do, whether in class or in extracurricular activities. All students complete religion courses as a part of their education here. Students complete “Spiritual Formation Credits” by attending chapel, small groups, outreach events, or missions trips. 

Do we have clubs they can be a part of?

There are dozens of clubs and student organizations on campus for involvement. Students also have an opportunity to gain support, write a proposal, and potentially start a new club or organization on campus.

What sports do we have?

Ohio Christian University offers numerous men’s and women’s athletic teams. To get a comprehensive list and schedules you can visit our Athletic website at

Do we have an Application fee? If so, how much?

There is an Application Fee of $25. This fee is waived if a student applies while visiting campus or through our website.

Do we help people find jobs after graduating and do we help people find internships?

Staffed with professional career and resume writing personnel, the Career Services department at Ohio Christian University seeks to help existing students, future graduates, and our alumni with resume preparation. They can provide assistance in interviewing, as well as job search skills to aid students in preparation of meeting with employers.