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Kimberlee Brown
Major: Teacher Education K-3

"I was a commuter [student] to a school of over 10,000 students where I was involved in a campus ministry outreach group and on its leadership team. I thought for sure that was where God wanted me.

While attending a spring break mission trip, God very clearly revealed to me that [I] was not where I needed to be and that I needed to check out OCU. My parents had been encouraging me to do so because they saw God working when I did not. When I returned from the trip, I told them I wanted to visit.

As soon as my parents and I drove onto campus I felt such a peace about me. As cliché as it sounds, I felt as though I was at home. No one was around, but it could have been (and was) God who put that peace in my heart. I had never felt so sure of the decision.

I kept my decision to myself and a few weeks later told my parents this was where I needed to be. I got in contact with Admissions and they provided me with all and any information I needed to be admitted into the school. I attended a Registration Day and have not looked back since.

My favorite thing about OCU is the amazing amount of community and a family-like atmosphere. Nearly everybody knows everybody since it is a smaller school. The field in front of Moore [Hall] is still my favorite place on campus. I love being outside no matter the weather, but on warm, sunny days it is my absolute favorite. It’s just a wide open field where I can sit and do my homework or watch my fellow peers play Ultimate Frisbee, Powder-puff Football, and many other games."

Notes to those considering transferring to OCU:

"I would love for you all to come to OCU so I can meet you! I have truly and sincerely never felt more peaceful and secure away from home than I do here. I have wonderful friends who honestly love me, will hold me accountable, and provide me with prayer when spiritual healing needs to occur. I would hope you strongly consider this school. As it has made a difference in my life, I hope you have the same experience."

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